Scout Own: A day of rest

I really enjoy Sundays.  Not just because it is a day of reflection and worship.  But because it is a day of rest.  What better way to recharge our batteries and mentally prepare ourselves for the week to come?  For my wife, this Sunday was particularly restful as she was treated to a massage and peticure that she’s been waiting for since last April.  A well-deserved rest bit for a wonderful wife and mother.

I also like spending extra time with the family.  We recently installed a rope swing in the very large maple in our back yard and the boys can’t get enough of it!  I can tell they really appreciate the time I take when I stop all of the other less important things that I’m doing and devote 100% of my attention to them.  And it makes me feel refreshed as well.  Nothing is more important than this time we have together.

This will be a very busy Scouting week with a den meeting on Tuesday and Roundtable on Thursday.  Only twelve more days for pre-registration for Day Camp before the price goes up.  And only 45 more days until camp!  I really want to have a display at Roundtable, so I need to get a jump on that tomorrow.  But not today.

And since it is a day of rest, I will continue to do just that.  Enjoy your Sunday!




~ by Michael Forner on May 1, 2011.

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