On to Cub Scout Day Camp!

This ia particularly busy time of year for me.  I suppose that it would be even if I wasn’t involved with Scouting.  Or perhaps it would seem a little less busy.  But between this being the first spring in the new house, school activities coming to a close and family coming to visit, it seems like there’s no time for anything else.  Add to all of this the fact that I’m the Cub Scout Day Camp Director for our district and you know this is going to be one full summer!

Tonight was the second to last council-wide Day Camp meeting before our Day Camp at the end of June.  And I was starting to feel like our team was a little behind the ball.  Of course, many of the other districts are just as far (if not further) behind.  Our registrations are pretty much in line with last year at this point (15 days left until a $10 late fee kicks in and only 10% of the attendees have registered). And we’re really not looking to outdo what we did last year.   Like I’ve said before, this is a transitional year and we just want to make sure we do as well as last year.   Next year is when we want to start expanding.   And we have a lot of ideas for that.  But tonight it was all about getting a bearing on where we are and what we need to do to make everything work.

In a previous post, I extolled the virtues of my Camp Program Director.  And while she is deserving of all the praise I gave her, I was completely blown out of the water when she walked into our meeting tonight with the complete camp program planned almost beat for beat!  And I’m not just talking about something like “we should play kick ball here and shoot archery here.”  I mean, she had everything:

  • a list of staffers required;
  • what equipment / materials will be needed;
  • what achievement and electives will be earned;
  • how much time is allotted;
  • how the activity is to be presented (using EDGE!);
  • what the Cub Scout core values are being demonstrated!

And it doesn’t stop there. She has enlisted an entire programming staff consisting of leaders and junior staff. And has also assembled a small army of “solicitors” to approach several businesses for materials and equipment to help minimize costs and maximize programming for the boys.

Incredible!  And what a relief!  Now I have to match her enthusiasm and get the rest of the administrative portion of the event in order.  It’s time to start dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

I really feel fortunate to have found this person and for them to have brought so much enthusiasm to the table. I think it really resonates how having just the right members in your pack leadership or on your committee can not only excite the group, but can also help energize us to be better leaders.

So, while everything isn’t exactly in the bag yet, we are beginning to get our stride and are making things happen.  And since we really won’t know how the event is going to go until it’s over, we know we still have a long road ahead of us.  But we are both very excited where that road is leading us.

On to Cub Scout Day Camp!!




~ by Michael Forner on April 28, 2011.

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