Pack meeting: Ending the school year

Tonight was the second to last pack meeting before summer.  Well, actually, school will already be out before our May pack meeting.  So there were a few items to touch upon before the year gets away from us.  We will be having Boy Talks and a Join Night in three weeks (the last week of school).  And then the final pack meeting will be the following week when all of the Cubs will “graduate” to their new dens.

A number of the boys attended either Day Camp or Magness Adventure Camp (our council’s 3-day resident family camp) this past year.  But only a couple had worked to complete their Outdoor Activity AwardThis award, for those not familiar, includes differing requirements depending upon rank, all stressing the outdoors.  The very first requirement for all ranks is that they attend a day or resident camp.  Then there are achievements or electives from their rank to complete.  And then a list of a dozen or so items to select from to complete the requirements, with the Tigers needing to complete 3, the Wolves 4 and so on.

As you can see, if they attended a camp and earned rank, they are well on their way.  And this is an award that can be earned again each year, garnering a Wolf Track device to wear on the patch.

The point of bringing this up at the pack meeting last night was to encourage the boys to look at other things that they could be working on now that they are finished with their rank requirements.  I was especially targeting those who attended camp this past year because they probably only need to look at what they’ve accomplished already to see if they’ve earned this award.

I’m a firm believer in recognizing boys for their achievements, no matter how big or small and that these types of awards are a great means to that end.  I don’t believe just throwing patches at them is very effective.  But by giving them goals and showing them how easily they can meet those goals is a very powerful tool.  And I also believe the ones that earn awards like this are the ones that ultimately stay involved, because they can see the rewards of their effort.

I’ll follow up with the Cubs I know are close and work with the den leaders to get them recognized.  Hopefully next month’s meeting will have a few more recipients.




~ by Michael Forner on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Pack meeting: Ending the school year”

  1. You are on the right track with recognition. Boys do like to be recognized and so do their parents, and it needs to be a ceremony, not merely a baggie and a handshake.

    Hopefully I misunderstand that you are holding back actual rank advancements until the end of the year. Do you mean something like a rank promotion ceremony, where the Wolf den becomes the Bear den, etc.? A boy should always receive his actual rank badge in a ceremony at the very next pack meeting after he earns it.

    Keep up the good work and keep that momentum going over the summer!

    • Right. When the boys finish their achievement trail and earn their rank, we award them with their badges of rank. We do try to keep the dens of each rank together as much as possible. Then in May, they transition to the next advancement trail and we promote them into their new dens. Thanks for pointing out the confusing wording. I’ve adjusted the post.

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