On the topic of blogging…

So the thought crossed my mind today that I really didn’t have a topic to blog about.  You see, I’ve put myself up to this challenge of producing a blog a day of hopefully useful and meaningful information – something to spark a discussion or to answer a question.  But today I drew a complete blank.

Friday was all a buzz with talk of the Philmont Leadership Challenge.  Arlen Ward, Phil Peck, Scouter Adam and myself (and a few others) all throwing our hats into the ring (more or less) to take it up in 2012.  Plenty of time to prepare.  It was actually going to be a ticket item for me but I was informed that I needed to have my beads before I could attend. All of these gentlemen have great posts so I won’t bother you with another other than to say if you’ve completed Wood Badge for the 21st Century and you’re looking to take it to the next level, put it on your calendar for 2012.  They don’t call it a challenge for nothing.

So today was mostly about housework.  Last November we purchased our first home.  And it couldn’t be more perfect for us.  But we bought it from the original owner who had lived in it for 45 years.  And she had made some improvements, but not where I would have spent my money.  For instance, all of the windows are original, single-paned and terribly drafty.  It gets ridiculously cold here in Colorado.  I don’t know how they survived with these windows.  When it was -17F overnight this past winter, the house barely got above 50F inside.  Thank goodness for electric mattress pads!

Long story short, one of our first major investments is in windows.  So the installer was here today finishing up a few in the basement.  Next investment will be in a fireplace insert for the basement.

The sprinkler system was on the agenda today as well.  Most of the heads are the original brass.  So I have been zoning the yard and replacing / fixing where I can.  My Wolf (Aiden) had a great time putting the flags down as I turned on each zone.  He got drenched!

Ok, so where did Scouting come in to play?  Day Camp.  I have an incredible Program Director for my Day Camp this year and she is going all out to make it an awesome camp.  I really can’t say enough about her creativity and dedication.  I mean, it’s really all about her.  I just have to make sure all of the i’s get dotted and t’s get crossed.  She has to make sure the program is fun and educational and meets achievement and elective requirements.  WOW!  Do I have an awesome Program Director!

I may need some suggestions on how I can recognize her at camp.  It has to be grand and showy and deserving of a great team player.  Any ideas you have would be welcome (she doesn’t read this blog).

So it’s a calm, peaceful Holy Saturday, as it should be.  Getting prepped for Easter.  We’ll have some family over, just not sure who, yet.  And still, there’s always room for Scouting.




~ by Michael Forner on April 23, 2011.

One Response to “On the topic of blogging…”

  1. That sounds fun! I might be down for that trek!

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