Working my ticket: #5 – Scouting goal (District)

Ah! The last of the ticket items! Personal, Family, Diversity, Scouting (Pack) and now Scouting (District).

This is the only ticket I came into Wood Badge knowing I would have to complete. Now, really, that’s a no-no. You’re not supposed to have any preconceived ideas when you get to Wood Badge. In fact, we go out of our way not to spoil the experience or set expectations, other than to affirm that it is the BEST TRAINING you will ever get as an adult leader. But, if you know you have to work your ticket, it’s hard not to have something in mind when you get there.

OK. So I knew ahead of time that this would have to be a ticket item. But I didn’t make it easy…

If you don’t know already, I have stepped up to be the District Day Camp DIrector this year. It’s a position I mostly fell into after our key staff from last year became unavailable. I had made it known last fall that I was interested in being involved so that I could get a feel for how everything worked. I was only a helper last year. But when your DE calls and wants to have a sit-down to discuss Day Camp, you kind of know you’re in for more than you bargained for.

But did I mention I got a free pass to Philmont?

At any rate, I have the position, and like everything I do for Scouting, I’m giving it my all. So to the ticket item.

Anyone who has ever run a Day Camp (and I would LOVE to here from you if you have) knows that the registration process and keeping track of the Cubs can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to the health forms and making sure everyone at camp has one and we can find it. I want to use technology to help streamline and facilitate that. Here’s my plan:

1) All Cubs get a lanyard and we assign a QR code to the Cub;
2) When a Cub arrives or leaves, we scan their QR code and that marks them in or out;
3) Part of the routine of reaching a station includes scanning in at that station and filling their water bottle;
4) Maybe even scanning stations at the port-a-potties – what kid wouldn’t want to scan his badge at every opportunity?

So all of that sounds great and maybe even fun. But here’s where the rubber really meets the road. What if, when a Cub has to go see the Medical Officer, they just have to scan his QR code and up pops his medical form? No more digging through piles of paper to find the information and the treatment can begin immediately. Especially when you have a sting or bite or allergic reaction – every second is critical.

Another challenge. Man! Do I love challenges! But I think this could potentially have wide-ranging implications. And it could benefit a lot more than just my district. SO I look at this as being a fairly substantial goal. And one that will give me much satisfaction to see completed.

So there you have it: My five goals for Wood Badge for the 21st Century. Certainly not nearly as many as was required in the older versions of the course. But enough for me, none the less. I will definitely be working diligently on these to complete everything before the end of the year. I am really enjoying every part of this process.

I can’t stress it enough: If you haven’t been to Wood Badge, you owe it to your Scouts and to yourself to do it NOW! It is life-altering.




~ by Michael Forner on April 22, 2011.

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