Working my ticket: #4 – Scouting goal (Pack)

OK. Personal, Family, Diversity done.  My fourth goal for my Wood Badge ticket is a Scouting goal.  In particular, this one is devoted to my unit, Pack 92.  We are a bit of a fledgling pack – affiliated with a long-standing troop, but without our own history.  As I thought about this ticket, I decided we needed a way to develop our legacy.  My solution was to create a written transition plan for all of the adult leaders.

This is possibly one of my easiest goals.  I just need to solicit contact information from the current leaders for all of the activities they’ve run this year and then funnel it all into one resource. I’ll build 3-ringed binders and hand them out to all of the current and incoming leaders.

But there’s more to it than that.  A leader who is finished volunteering their time should look to the current contingent of adult leaders and parents and try to secure another person to their position.  So, part of the plan involves how to groom a replacement.  While this may seem difficult, it remains one of the easiest things to do – show them the Leader How To’s (what we used to call Program Helps)!  This demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, how to run a den meeting or activity from start to finish. If they follow this framework, they will have everything they need to lead a succcsessful den.

I’d really like to say they have everything they need to be an effective leader. But that is, unfortunately, a bit presumptive. It doesn’t give them the drive, commitment and enthusiasm a great leader needs. It gives them the means but not the end. I really wish all leaders were great leaders. And I really admire and appreciate their dedication. But sometimes their role needs to be somewhere else, perhaps on the committee. But now I’m on to another blog….

This one’s pretty much in the bag. But it is a really important and worthwhile goal. So I can accept the relative ease of it knowing that it will make a profound impact on my pack which, after all, is the whole point.




~ by Michael Forner on April 21, 2011.

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