Working my ticket: #3 – Diversity goal

The third goal on my Wood Badge ticket has to do with Diversity. If you’ve been following along, the first goal was Personal and the second was Family. This one presented a completely different challenge than the previous two.

Diversity is a word that so often is used to describe ethnic or racial differences that we almost inherently assume it to mean only that.  But the term simply means “variety” or “being composed of differing elements” and so we must look beyond the obvious to what it truly means to be diverse.

Now, I’m not going to get into a dissertation on diversity at this point other than to say that there is much to consider.  And what it really boils down to, for me, is understanding, acceptance and inclusiveness.  So this is my jumping off point.

As a trainer for the district I am asked to present topics which are part of the required leader training (e.g. Cub Scout Leader Specific, YPT).  With almost everything we’ve been teaching face-to-face now being offered online, not to mention the new training requirements being handed down by National with certain training becoming a prerequisite, we have seen a significant drop in attendees at training offerings. The one exception, of course, is SM / ASM which is not available online… yet.

It probably, then, does not come as a surprise that I saw an opportunity to include this topic in the list of courses we make available to leaders.  Offering it would make use of some of our idle staff and it could be taught at our regular training times.  As it is, the district has its training dates set through 2013.  And if the numbers continue to drop, there will be little need for all of those sessions.

So I set my goal to develop a course syllabus, 60-90 minutes in length, on the topic of diversity and to present it to the District Training Chair for consideration. The key here is that my goal is complete by creating the course, not by teaching it. So if it is not something the district decides to use, that doesn’t keep me from meeting my goal.

As I began to think about how to approach this task, I decided it would be nice if this course could also be presented at the unit level, perhaps by a Pack Trainer at a monthly Leader Meeting.  That would help educate the local leaders on the subject.  It would also require a condensed version of the material.  I was also thinking of incorporating a few exercises so that the course is as entertaining as it is educational.  So, I have my work cut out for me.

As with all of the Wood Badge goals, the level of difficulty of the goal, I think, really reflects your dedication and commitment to what you learned on course.  It would not be in the Wood Badge spirit to set five goals that you could bust through in a couple of weeks.  These goals are an introspective and are meant to be opportunities for growth.  So, without trying to kill myself, I’ve attempted to step outside of my comfort zone and to really push myself to become a better person.

Ah… Wood Badge.

After I’ve completed this goal I will gladly make the materials available for anyone who is interested.

The last two goals are geared toward Scouting and we will touch on those over the next couple of days.




~ by Michael Forner on April 20, 2011.

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